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At Mr. Cooper, we believe the customer comes first. To ensure our customers know this, there are 3 core values we hold each other too.

1. We are Challengers of Convention

- We find a better way.

- It's more than just a job.

- We get it done.

2. We are Champions for our Customers

- We deliver radical service.

- We know when customers win, we win.

- We keep our promises.

3. We are Cheerleaders for our Team

- We celebrate successes.

- We enjoy the journey.

- We're better working together.


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Step through the doors of our Dallas headquarters and a few things may catch your eye: One, there's really cool artwork everywhere. Our unique Artists in Residence program brings talented artists from around the world to use our walls as canvasses for their magnificent artwork. (It's really hard not to be creatively inspired here.)

You’ll also notice that most of us are casually dressed… and if you look a little closer, we have a relaxed attitude to match our threads.

Make no mistake, we work very hard for our customers every single day. But Mr. Cooper isn’t one of those “pressure-cooker” offices, and we’re big on work-life balance. We want the members of our corporate family to enjoy plenty of quality time with their own families.

We also encourage (and act upon) team members’ feedback. In addition to quarterly anonymous surveys where you tell us how we’re doing as an employer, managers and executives are always happy to hear directly from you and discuss relevant topics.

And every month, a small group of high performers representing all levels of the company are invited to a casual breakfast where they share and discuss ideas with our friendly CEO, Jay Bray.


We won’t deny it: The home loan industry has a reputation for being confusing, intimidating, “customer-last”, and perhaps a few other choice adjectives that aren’t exactly synonyms for “awesome.”

We’re determined to change that. Forever. We’re determined to lead by example and prove once and for all that a profitable home loan company can also be straightforward, friendly, trustworthy, and approachable. Making all this happen starts with our employees believing in our mission. And that starts with creating the best, most forward-thinking workplace in the industry… with the happiest employees.

Here’s the bottom line: We don’t want to be the company where you take a job. We want to be the company where you build your career… one exciting, fulfilling moment at a time.

Does Mr. Cooper sound like your kind of place? If so, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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