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No matter what job you have at Mr. Cooper, you're playing a part in keeping the dream of home ownership alive in America. Not a bad gig. Here are some of the different ways you can contribute.

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They don’t have capes, utility belts, or a theme song, but our team members in Originations are still superheroes as far as we’re concerned. Without them, we wouldn’t have customers. And you don’t need an MBA to know that without customers, it’s kind of tough to do business.

As the sales leads, they work with potential customers to find the right loan for their situation. This requires not only encyclopedic knowledge of all things lending, but terrific people skills as well.

They work closely with loan officers and loan processors to make sure approval, verification and funding are simple and seamless.

Which means they’re not just the reason we have customers, they’re also the reason the customers are happy.

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Is servicing the most important department in the company? There’s a strong case to be made for “Darn right it is.” The Customer Service team are our ambassadors to the world at large. Sometimes, they’re the first contact someone has with us. Other times, they’re called when there’s a problem and a customer is looking to them to fix it.

Working in this department is not only rewarding, it’s great training for just about any job you’ll ever have. With the possible exception of lobster fisherman.

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Not all tech brainiacs are found in Silicon Valley. In fact, we’ll put our in-house tech team up against Cupertino’s finest any day of the week. This is the place for you if you’re ready to jump in alongside top-tier Developers, Architects and Analysts, and use your skills.

For far too long, mortgage lending has been synonymous with complication, confusion and , frankly, a poor excuse for customer service. Our technologists are out to change that from the ground up, and make the whole experience transparent, simple and practically effortless. Want to join them?

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What’s the message? How do we say it? Where do we reach the people we want to talk to? These are the questions our marketing teams ponder and answer on a daily basis. From the digital and social spaces to branding, advertising and product promotion, they are an integral part of the Mr. Cooper mission.

They work with every department, and play a huge role in our success or failure. So no pressure.

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The Human Resources team doesn’t deal with customers. Yet thanks to them, our customers are much better off. Because the HR department helps to create a culture where everyone who works here feels appreciated and fulfilled. One where they have all the tools and support to do the best job possible.

Sure, they find the top people for every opening, develop benefits packages that cover everything and training programs that are the envy of the industry.

But it’s more than that. Our HR people are here to foster an atmosphere of candor, confidence and optimism.

They want to make Mr. Cooper the best place to work. Not just in lending. Not just in Texas. Anywhere and everywhere.

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Ever see a lending document? You know all those words on it? They all mean something. And if they’re not arranged exactly the way they should be, there could be big problems for everyone.

That’s where the highly-qualified, detail-obsessed, and surprisingly nice folks in our legal department come in.

And they do a whole lot more than review documents. They know the industry’s rules and regulations backward and forward, so they ensure that we comply with all of them in every transaction and product. They also provide expert advice on all sorts of legal matters, from acquisitions to contracts.

Most of all, by doing what they do so well (and so ethically), they allow us to give our customers a lending experience that’s transparent and simple.

Not a bad day’s work.

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Escrow, principal, loan-to-value, APR. It’s a foreign language to some, but it’s music to the ears of our members in the finance department. In a business that revolves around interest rates and percentages, you want the best numbers people you can find.

Does this sound like you? Then consider joining our analysts and accountants on a team that’s a big reason we make both our customers and our shareholders happy.

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